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Ikodomiki Hermionidas E.E.
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Ikodomiki Hermionidas E.E. is a company based in Ermioni, Argolis, and engaged in various construction works of all kinds. This company offers complete solutions in the field of construction, specializing in building with the use of stone and the construction of stone structures in general. The company also offers the following services:

Construction using concrete: Ikodomiki Hermionidas E.E. has specialized building contractors who can undertake the construction of various structures using concrete.
Construction of stone structures: The company specializes in the construction of stone structures, including stone houses, paving, and buildings.
Restoration of stone houses and buildings: The company undertakes the restoration of stone houses and buildings to their original condition, as well as the repair and maintenance of these structures.
Tile roofs: The company offers tile roof manufacturing services, which are important for protecting buildings from the weather.
Building repairs: Ikodomiki Hermionidas E.E. offers building repair and maintenance services to keep buildings in top condition.
Oil painting and painting: The company undertakes oil painting and painting of buildings, offering aesthetic solutions to improve the appearance of structures.
Installation of tiles, plasterboards, suspended ceilings: The company provides installation services of tiles, plasterboards and suspended ceilings for the completion of constructions.
Ikodomiki Hermionidas E.E. serves customers in the area of Ermioni, Argos, Nafplio, throughout the prefecture of Argolis and the wider region of Peloponnese. With its specialization in the field of construction and the use of stone, the company offers high quality services for all kinds of construction needs.



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